3D Design Program Website

Using the Web as a recruiting method for prospective students

In this project, the main focus was to design a website that would promote the 3D Design Program in the department and also outside of it for prospective students. Many students within the department at the time of its launch did not know of the program existence and would not take advantage of the technology and the classes offered by the faculty.

The website then became a project that would feature works by faculty, current and former students, outreach programs, international exhibitions and study trips, application information and it had in its plans a store for selling the functional objects produced by the students in order to collect funds for scholarships and presentation sponsorships.

Client Liaison: Monica Correia
Information Architecture: Vinicius Lima
Interface Design: Vinicius Lima
Visual Design: Vinicius Lima
Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript): Vinicius Lima

3D Design Program Website Website 3D Design Program Website Website