Best From Brazil CD

Designing a 2-CD set for Bossa Nova

This is the design of a Bossa Nova Collection CD. The calmness and mellowness of the tracks of the albums were the main concept for the whole design. The design then makes full use of the negative space, becoming airy and light throughout the brochures so that the listener feels the soothing effects of the song. The imagery used is scenes from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and other takes on Brazilian culture and nature. The color scheme used applies a gold shade of yellow and a shade of blue, the colors of the Brazilian sunset and the waves of the beaches of the Brazilian coast. The packaging designed for it also makes it unique, making the collection an object of desire and elegance. The packaging should use recycled cardstock in its composition.

Best Of Brazil CD Best Of Brazil CD Best Of Brazil CD Best Of Brazil CD

The credits for the banner image at the top of this page belong to Diego Garcia. I would like to thank him for putting his photograph under a Creative Commons License. You can access the original image by clicking here.