Design Plural Exhibition

A Biennial, international, travelling exhibition

Design Plural is a biennial international exhibition sponsored by the University of Iowa School of Art and Art History 3D Design Program. After a 2007 edition in Brazil, a 2009 edition in Portugal, the 2011 edition ocurred in Istanbul, Turkey. Featured in the exhibition are works from the Program Faculty, Former and current (undergraduate and graduate students), who have then the opportunity to share their work in different parts of the world.

For every edition, a catalogue is designed along with all other exhibition materials (Posters, Flyers, Banners, Signage, Pedestals, among others). The design of the catalogue reflects the nature of the event itself. Given that the show travels internationally by plane with its members, all of its parts must be disassembled and arrive in place almost as an assembly kit (idea reflected on the exhibition logo, designed by Terry Rathje). This idea then get visually translated into the catalogue subtly by the use of orange brackets and deconstructed headings for each section. The design uses a 12-column grid to allow as much flexibility as possible for the various types of content it required. The colors respect the exhibition colors of orange and dark gray.

Collaborators: Camille Marlow and Katie Nordquist

Design Plural Catalogue Design Plural Catalogue Design Plural Catalogue